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Ministry of any kind needs money to continue to meet the needs of others in the name of Christ. The administrative and promotional work of the Rivers of Living Water International Ministry functions through the gifts of those who share our vision of ROLWIM transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ.



In prosperous times, in troubled times, God never changes. His provision is always plentiful. BUT HE USES YOU AND ME, and He waits for you and me. When we give, He gives. Provision comes through response to His prompting to give.


This is an amazing promise as we offer our gifts, talents and financial substance in an attitude of consecration to our God.  This is the power of being ushered into greatness and it is through the humility of service and giving of the heart.  Give in expectation before God even bestows anything upon you. Don't just give to receive.  Give to honor the great King of Kings!  No gift is too small if it is given from the heart!  We welcome ALL donations that are sincere and from a heart of worship...







In our efforts to help support the needs of the oppressed women and children in Africa, we at Rivers of Living Water International Ministry have created within our ministry, The River of Hope Organization.

Scripture: [Matthew 25:35-40, Psalm 41:1-3 & Exodus 22:20-24]








This year, River of Hope will donate food and money to over 250 oppressed women and children in Ghana and Togo.


Since 2010, River of Hope has distributed more than 100 bicycles, 1500 toys and 700 educational books to disadvantaged students in Ghana and Togo to encourage them to stay and succeed in school.











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                     Rivers of Living Water International Ministry

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***For our partners who are outside the United States, kindly send your donations by international money order in US dollars to the above mailing address.



**We sincerely appreciate your financial support. However, the Board of Directors reserve the right to redirect all funds to the area of ministry as needed the most.


The Principle of Partnership: You Touch Who God Uses Us to Touch...



    May God richly bless you as you give in support of this ministry.  


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*All Donations are Deductible through our 501(c3) Federal Tax Exempt. *A registed NJ charitable organization - CRI


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"Bring an offering to the Lord and worship Him with sincerity and generosity. No gift is ever too small" Thank you!

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